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Train Conductor 2: USA

2.99 usd

Train Conductor is a maddeningly addictive arcade game that demands a lot of the player. It blends physical dexterity, logical puzzle solving and micro-strategy unlike anything else. It's all about managing the flow of trains through the train yard, staying focused and being on top of it all. With the swipe of a finger direct trains barrelling through famous American locations, including Miami Beach, the Grand Canyon, Nashville, Las Vegas and New York City."Train Conductor 2 is addicting, chaotic fun" --
"It's devilish fun and absolutely deserves a go" --
"Gameplay is excellent and surprisingly deep for such a simple game." --
"Train Conductor 2: USA is a must-own game" --
★★ FAMOUS AMERICAN LOCATIONS ★★✔ Each location challenges you with a unique twist on the award winning gameplay✔ "It's like 8 games in one!" -- and you won't put it down!✔ Visit New York City, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Roswell, Miami Beach, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago and more...
★★ FUN FOR THE LONG HAUL! ★★✔ Huge variety of fun challenges with two modes for each location✔ International leaderboards, weekly leaderboards and friends leaderboards✔ Share the game on one device with multiple player accounts ✔ Custom designed for smartphone and tablet✔ New to Train Conductor? Get your Conductor License in the Trainyard - it's that simple!
THIS IS NO SIMULATION - JUST SUPER FUN! Watch out, it's incredibly addictive!
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